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7 Tips To Increase Customer Engagement For Small Business

Of all the errors you could be making in your business, not being able to interact with your customers is going to cost you the most.

What makes it even worse is that the user base does not just decline but switches to another brand. For that matter, an entrepreneur must do everything in his arc to enhance customer engagement. Significantly bigger brands are able to stay in touch with their clients through online means. As a small business, one must develop both online and offline (if possible) mediums to get engaged with their clients.

Strategies are developed for the betterment of customer engagement. Wait? Is there such a strategy? Yes, there is.

What do you mean by a Customer Engagement Strategy? 

When you look at any business strategy, the first thing you see is a client being targeted on one end. As such, a plan made to capture the interest and attention of any customer followed by advancing the communication experience constitutes a Customer Engagement Strategy. There are a dozen tips that can help you in this arena. Want us to dictate what these are?

How to Increase Customer Engagement In Small Businesses?

  • Start With The Reviews: Think about it, where is the first place a consumer gets in touch with you? The Reviews of course. This is where you should start establishing a conversation or connection. You can simply reply to the reviews coming at you through Google and Yelp. Subsequently, use your social media to post a screen-shot of a positive review stating about a Happy Customer. For starters, it can be Instagram. Your business’s stories are going to pop right in front of your followers. 
  • Check On Old Customers: Yes, your user base might be increasing but there is every possibility that old customers have started vacating the place. While in a business, keep your new clients close and your old clients closer. When we talk about customer retention, we are eyeing people who have visited us once and left, consumers who stayed there and suddenly stopped engaging, and ones who keep eyeing your products. Emails are probably the best you can do to show your gratitude and perhaps get in touch again. 
  • Rewarding The Engaged Audience: One of the best ways to get engaged people to add more people to your business is to start rewarding them; does not matter if it is small or big, a gift is still a gift. When you start paying attention to loyal customers and reward them through discounts, coupons, and more, they would eventually start shopping more for earning additional coupons. Chances are your offers might get shared through the word of mouth and eventually, you’d be having a marketing pitch ready. 
  • Follow Channels To Reach Customers: Time will come when your clients would stop reaching you and your business has to take measures to get in touch; even the slightest would mean big. Before that happens, you must follow channels that lead you to your user base. Say, you have a clothing brand and Instagram is one place where influencers post their outfits. Making your own page, getting people to tag you in their stories would automatically lead more traffic to flow in. Subsequently, post offers with images and let people do the talking. 
  • Feedback-Engagement Is A Must: We believe you haven’t developed a habit of ignoring feedback yet. Well, if you have just begun it, we recommend you drop it right away. Ignoring negative feedback is just another way of losing more stalkers along with one unhappy customer. On the contrary, replying or entertaining feedback is a way to symbolize your attention towards every individual that gets in touch with you. Market Image is what we call it, and maintaining it is the utmost need for your business. 
  • An Event Might Work: Have you ever thought about hosting an event online? Well, that does acquire some cost but also brings revenue in return. The best thing would be partnering up with complementary businesses and getting the whole user base in touch together. One sees the other thing, the other sees what else is there, and the chain is all set for the traffic to come in on your official website; social media to be precise. And this is where you do the talking. Reply to comments, get mentioned, and stuff. 
  • Keep The Loop Tight: There are brands that do not let their customers out with a small bliss in any form. Supposedly, you have a client surfing for a product and he actually made a purchase in real-time. Well, just get realistic and pass on a small piece of cake that motivates him to come back. A mini coupon, a referral code, any small piece that meets the eye. This way, you can get your customer to come back again and again. Plus, he might get a newbie in through referral. 
  • Let Influencers Do The Talking: We have all seen our brothers, sisters, and nephews, trying to imitate the exact very behavior and personality of their favorite idol. If they hear every word coming out of the influencer’s mouth, you should pop in right there and make them hear what they wish to hear. As a small business, funds are not gigantic, but there is plenty of fish in the sea. You do not have to pick the most talked-about celeb. Get a couple to do the talking and see whether there is a difference or not. 

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

If you have no idea what clients on the opposite is thinking about you, you can never reside inside their brains. You can enter the mind but stay for a very short visit.

To make sure you are crossing people’s minds every now and then, you must develop strategies to stay in touch. Getting the engagement thing done right might get your sales to go a pitch up and once you see the upward moving graph, the ‘sky is the only limit’.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above are going to be of assistance. Let us know if you have a unique idea to get your clients to keep talking to you. Your ideas are more than welcome.