Agile Software to Build a P2P Car Rental Marketplace

Automate fleet management and leverage the bespoke features for renting and leasing services.

Significant Features Embedded in Our Care Rental Software

Hassle-Free Booking

Allow your customers to book car rentals with a single click. Automation of rental services will help you prevent overbooking.

Digital Signature

Enable the customers to e-sign the personalized rent contracts.

Repair & Maintenance

Repair & maintain your fleet regularly to keep them as good as new. Track any damages like marks, dents, mishaps & more.

Review Management

Manage customer reviews to boost your business credibility.

Improve the way you rent cars with Smart Applo’s P2P car rental software.

Get iOS/Android Car Rental Software with Broad Functionalities

  • Profile verification for the utmost security
  • Advanced filter search for car category, charges, mileage, cost per hour, car’s age
  • Advanced reservations
  • Car rental app development for various business models
  • P2P location tracking and easy navigation
  • Multiple payment gateways integration
  • Manage ratings, reviews, and feedback
  • Affordable pricing models


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Customer App

Get a customized iOS/Android app with a timeless design

  • Customer account verification
  • Multiple signup options (mobile/email/social media accounts)
  • Custom search filters
  • Advanced pickup navigation
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Integrated maps
  • Instant customer support

App for Hosts

Enjoy a seamless car renting experience with hosting solutions in the app

  • Enable/disable listings
  • Easy communication with customers
  • Manage transaction details & view earnings
  • Get complete information about the rentee
  • Reminder about the car to be dropped at the location
  • Manage booking requests
  • Access order history


Control and manage your entire marketplace from a single place

  • Manage booking requests
  • Keep a record of total registrations
  • Manage user profiles
  • Send real-time notifications to customers
  • Automate dispatch workflow
  • Manage customers, hosts
  • Use geo-fencing to segregate service areas into multiple zones

Admin Panel

Launch P2P car rental services now

  • Set pricing, the commission amount
  • Create/enable promo codes or discount offers
  • Manage booking requests
  • Car sales management and banner advertisement information
  • Manage documents for customers and hosts
  • Manage trip history, no. of rides, and other business metrics
  • Manage payment records

Share your P2P car rental marketplace requirements with Smart Applo.

User Friendly Cases

Bike Enterprises

Electric Scooters

Van Companies

Limo Firms

Bus Corporations

Truck Companies

Strengthen your car rental business by joining hands with the most reliable, trustworthy technology partner.