Are You Ready to Become a Leader in the Gig Economy?

Launch your own freelancer marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr to connect businesses with freelancers.

Advanced Tech Suite for Digital Nomads!

Make way for profits with the customized freelance services marketplace

Job Seeker App & Website

  • Easy Registration –

    Signup and start looking for freelance projects.


  • Advanced Search & Filters –

    Allow the freelancers to search and filter suitable projects from a wide array of opportunities


  • Secure Payments –

    Enable in-app commission settlement so that the users can settle the payment in real-time


  • Real-Time Chat –

    Allow the freelancers to communicate with the recruiters and ask them all the job-related queries

Job Provider Mode

  • Recruiter Panel –

    Enable the recruiters to update multiple job requirements as required.


  • Catalog Management –

    Let the job providers modify, edit, and update all the job details – pricing, timeline, etc.


  • Availability Management

    Provide flexibility to the employers to update their availability and timings.


  • Reports –

    Provide complete reports of sales, transactions, and other business processes to the job providers

Admin Dashboard

  • Dynamic Theme –

    You can choose a theme and customize it according to your requirements.


  • Seller Management –

    Manage job providers, their payouts, and more from a single space.


  • Project Categorization –

    Get a clear view of all the projects posted by the customers, and filter them according to your needs.


  • Business Analytics –

    Improve your business ROI by getting a clearer idea of customer behavior, and business performance.

Are you looking to create a freelancer marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork? Reach out to us for robust, user-friendly, and customized solutions.

Some Impeccable Features to Get You Started

Interactive UI

User-friendly, attractive, and intuitive designs to increase customer acquisition and loyalty.

Fully Responsive

We offer mobile-friendly apps and a fully responsive web panel in our tech suite.

Reviews & Ratings

With a built-in feedback system, you can enable your users to give honest ratings & reviews about your services.

Dedicated Support

Our professional and skilled team offers prompt responses to customer queries.

Social Login

Users can sign in using their social media accounts like Google, Facebook, etc.

Fully Customizable

You can launch a 100% customized freelancer marketplace with Smart Applo’s tech suite.

Why Choose Us?


Our technology solutions are designed to serve multiple and growing customer bases.

Ready-to-Use Features

Smart Applo’s tech-suite for the freelancer marketplace has embedded features in it. All you need is to configure them, and voila!

Complete Control

You can streamline all business operations using a powerful and customized dashboard.

Short Run Time

Go live with your freelancer marketplace app in no time!

Now you can earn while matching freelancers with different earning opportunities. Get in touch with Smart Applo and launch your own freelancer marketplace.