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Cannabis and the On-Demand Industry

Legalization of the Cannabis Industry across certain states within the United States has given birth to an industry that thrives on serving users and patients with Cannabis through integrated technology solutions. Companies like ‘Eaze’ have already been successful in attaining investments amounting to millions, and are now inspiring startups and entrepreneurs across the world to serve patients seeking Cannabis or Marijuana. These services are enabling patients and users avail cannabis without much trouble, at prices that are not extravagant and within legal boundaries. As more states move bills and legislations to decriminalise the use of medical marijuana, one can expect progressive growth in this On-Demand industry.

What On-Demand Industry has in store for your Medical Cannabis Business?


Accumulation of data over a specific period offers understanding of the customer and market retail trends that help your enterprise.

Increased Efficiency

Ensuring that the user demand is met legally, through a consistent supply of Cannabis adds to the credibility of the enterprise.

Market Growth

Technology integration allows room for expansion which encompasses more service providers and people across different markets and geographies.

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