Revitalize Your Business With a Courier Dispatch Software

Uberize your courier dispatch business with fully customizable software that will meet all your end-to-end courier delivery business needs.

Warehouse Management

From packet-entry to order delivery, return orders, manage everything conveniently from a single place. Our courier management software lets you manage all the warehouse operations hassle-free.

Customer Management

Smart Applo’s tech suite offers pertinent features that allow you to personalize billing and pricing based on customers’ order history. It may also include contract billing, sales tracking, e-notifications, invoicing, and more.

Vehicle Management

Our courier dispatch software is your gateway to convenient and hassle-free vehicle management. You can now easily track vehicle health and maintenance requirements. Besides, the software also allows the dispatchers to know the drivers’ locations and the package info.

Invoice Management

Automate invoice generation using imperative billing tools. Besides, our software solution will also help you automate surcharges, and show flexible, user-friendly pricing.

How Does Smart Applo’s Online Courier Dispatch & Delivery Software Work?

Lighten up your traditional courier business with our on-demand software solution

Customer request courier pickup to admin

Courier is aligned for delivery and then dispatched

Admin receives and confirms the request

Courier agent collects the courier and payment

What Will You Get In Our Courier Dispatch Software?

A remarkable tech solution for all your business needs


Geo-fencing feature to sort packages based on locations

Packet Entry

An extensive packet entry module to fit multiple customer requirements

Return Order

Track return orders and schedule them for later

Alerts & Updates

Both the dispatcher and the customer are kept updated throughout the delivery process

Job Allocation

Ensure maximum calendar utilization by scheduling jobs

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor the real-time activities of courier agents on an interactive map


Job scheduling to ensure maximum calendar utilization

Instant Updates

Dispatchers get notifications and alerts as soon they are allotted a task


Get a completely customizable solution for your courier dispatch business.