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How Does the Concierge App Work?

Customer Login
Category Selection & Order Placement
In App Chat
Payment Confirmation & Order Tracking
Delivery Fulfillment & Reviews

The working of the whole app setup


Mobile/Web Apps

Android/iOS apps are available for both mobile and desktop versions.


Order Placement

Customers can easily place their orders using the app.

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Notification & Alerts

Enable the customers to track their orders in real-time and notify them about any changes in the order status.

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Easy And Secure Payments

Customers can pay using any payment method based on their convenience.

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Agent App

Offer simplified operations and an impeccable experience to your staff.

New Order Notifications

The agents will receive a notification or alert each time they are assigned an order/task.


Task Allotment

The nearest agents are assigned the task and provided with optimized routes for quick deliveries.


Proof of Delivery

Agents can upload signatures or notes as delivery proof.

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Admin Panel

Oversee, manage, and control all the operations from a single place.


One Stop Solution

Manage customers, agents, order requests, order assignments, and other business operations easily from a single place.


Performance Monitoring

Monitor driver performance, deliveries, delays, cancellations, ratings, reviews, and more.

Analytics & Reporting

Generate sales reports with data-backed insights and review your business closely.

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Additional Features In Your On-Demand Concierge App

Smart Applo’s tech suite caters to your business needs and offers features to enhance your business.

Route/Location Optimization

Automated route/location planner ensures quick deliveries, enhancing the customer experience.

In-App Chat

Instant chat offers convenience and support to the customers and makes them feel heard.

Customer Management

Build strong relationships with your customers using Smart Applo’s powerful CRM solution.

Business insights

Learn about repeating customers, demography stats, and more to make data-backed decisions for business growth.

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