Offer Smarter Commute Experiences by Accelerating Employee Transportation Solutions

Get an all-encompassing solution for automated, efficient, secure, and transparent employee transport management.

Why Choose Smart Applo for Carpooling Needs?

  • A ready-to-use platform for easier management

  • Short run time

  • Scalable solutions that cater to all your needs and requirements

  • Customized user interface

  • Data security

  • Cloud-based server

Get a custom-built solution to make employee mobility smarter, easier, and more convenient.

What Will You Get In Our Employee Transport Management System?

Employee App

Let your employees book rides using customized Android/iOS apps.

Admin Panel

Oversee your taxi business and get detailed insights using powerful analytics.

Employee Security

Gender-specific cabs and security features ensure increased employee safety.


Get customized apps that cater to all your needs at an economical price.

Driver App

Allow the drivers to accept or reject a request based on their availability.

Interactive UI

You will get a user-friendly interface with built-in features.

Mobility management

Manage challenges, deadlines, distance, and more.

Digital transportation expertise

Transfer the expertise digitally integrated with the services.

Dispatcher Dashboard

A powerful dashboard to manage all tasks hassle-free from one place.


You will help your employees save their valuable time.

On-Demand Solution

Perfect app solutions for both new companies and large organizations

Advantages of Carpooling for Your Company

  • Increase employee engagement

  • Encourage employee productivity

  • Promote and ensure employee safety with gender-specific cabs

  • Reduce environmental footprint

  • Promote positive company culture

  • Encourage employee punctuality

  • Employer financial incentive for carpooling

Smart Applo Offers A Comprehensive Solution that Caters to All Your Needs

Daily Commute

Let your employees book rides

daily based on their office shifts.

Female-Only Cabs

Run specific cabs for only female

employees to ensure safety.

Shuttle Services

Employ back and forth shuttle system

for easy employee transport management.

Let’s make employee mobility exciting and fun.