A Complete Fleet Management Software Solution to Fit All Sizes

Track, monitor, and analyze your fleet operations with Smart Applo’s unrivaled fleet management & tracking system.

Manager Dashboard & Driver App

Our intuitive fleet management app connects you to vehicle drivers. You can use the dashboard to manage requests, vehicles, drivers, real-time status, customer reviews, and more. Similarly, drivers can see all current & future destinations, pick optimized routes, receive alerts, and mark order fulfillment.

GPS Vehicle Tracking & Live Alerts for Customers

The fleet tracking app will allow you and your customers to track the live location of fleet drivers. Keep your customers updated with the real-time fleet status via SMS. Vehicle tracking software allows you to reduce vehicle downtime and boost efficiency.

Route Optimization

The route optimization tracker chooses the shortest and the fastest route helping you to reduce the ETA. Not only does this ensure an exceptional client service experience, but it also lets you manage multiple fleets at reduced costs and greater efficiency.

Fleet Availability & Auto Dispatch

This feature lets you monitor fleet availability for order servicing and makes scheduling and allocating much easier. Map your entire fleet on the dashboard and be aware of the fleet status in real-time. Auto dispatch to the idle fleet to avoid delays, and make sure to send notifications or alerts to the corresponding fleet drivers.

Fleet Operations Management

From service requests to fleet delivery and everything in between, manage complete fleet order fulfillment cycle from a single place. Receive order requests from multiple sources and dispatch the request to the idle drivers.

Ratings & Reviews

Create some buzz around your business on social media & other relevant portals. You can do this by allowing your customers to share reviews easily. Manage ratings for fleet drivers and orders and take control of your fleet business. Enable the customers to share a good word about your business online as this will add credibility to your business.

Fleet / Driver Performance Management

Monitor driver/fleet performance including, running time, no. of monthly runs, fleet frequencies, ratings, reviews, downtime, delays, non-fulfillment, and more using the powerful dashboard. Take control of your business to elevate the fleet performance.

What Will You Get in Smart Applo’s Fleet Management Software?

Fleet Driver App

Manage Availability

In-App Notifications

Route Optimization & Navigation

Auto Fleet Dispatch

Customer App

Fleet Order Scheduling

Push Notifications & Alerts

In-App Chat


Instant Updates

Instant New Order Notifications to Drivers

Push Notifications & Alerts to Customers

Updated Real-Time Status of the Fleet Drivers on the App

Updated ETA Notifications

Fleet Manager Dashboard

Fleet Operations Management & Monitoring

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleet/Driver Performance Monitoring

Ratings & Reviews Management

In-Depth Analysis

Market Trends

Repeat Customers

Fleet/Driver Performance Metrics

Ratings & Reviews

Remote Fuel Monitoring

Fill-Up Receipts

Fuel Consumption Reports

Fuel Costs Reports

GPS Fuel Station Tracking

Build fleet management software to get a real-time view of all your fleet operations from anywhere, anytime.