Leverage Custom APIs and SDKs for Easy and Effortless Navigation.

Beyond navigation, explore live tracking, location data, predictive features, route optimization with APIs and SDKs.

A Plethora of Mapping Solutions for Medium and Large Scale Businesses

APIs and SDKs for Mapping

  • Interactive map themes – light, dark, street

  • Customized fonts and textures for maps

  • Customizable maps

  • Geocode your store address on the maps with your company logo on it

APIs and SDKs for Navigation


Congestion Alerts

In-app navigation takes traffic congestion into consideration to optimize tasks and avoid delays.

Directions and turns

Make navigation simple and easy by adding turns and directions to the map.

Predictive Routing

Increase productivity with automated route planning based on time, distance, and traffic conditions.

Our mapping solution offers interactive map themes for the users.

Light Map

Dar-Themed Map

Street Map View

Store site

Use the geolocation and geocoding features to add your store to the maps.

APIs for Directions and Search

Use the search and directions feature to locate any place accurately.

Directions – API


Region search

Highly accurate search for native places

Geocoding search

Location tracking based on latitudes and longitudes

Search API feature

Use keywords or the name of the location for a quick search

Map the world around you using Smart Applo’s Mapping Solutions.

Predictive and Personalized Routing

Automate and optimize route planning using predictive analysis.

  • Search features

  • Region search

  • API search

  • Direction search

  • Reverse geocoding API

  • Route optimization based on various factors

  • Cars or bikes to increase speed and fuel efficiency

  • Complete route management

Route Selection Based on Driver Availability

Integrated API solution

Integrate the best API and use algorithms to route cars based on your business needs.

Multi-Stop Routes Planning

Plan the routes for single pickup and multiple speedy drop-offs.

Combined Apps and Features

Transform your business with customized apps and mapping solutions.